Student Achievement Program

The Juvenile Court, in partnership with the Northpoint Educational Service Center runs the Ottawa County Student Achievement Program (SAP).  SAP is an educational alternative designed to meet the academic requirements of students who need or desire a learning environment different from the traditional classroom but with similar supports.  Students who may be credit deficient or would benefit from the programs and services are given the opportunity to enter the Student Achievement Program in order to make graduating from high school a more attainable goal. The goals of SAP are to:

  1. Increase student achievement.
  2. Develop appropriate social skills.
  3. Develop appropriate academic study skills.
  4. Develop self-control and self-discipline.
  5. Maintain class assignments.

Through academic experiences that stress early and frequent success, SAP creates a positive atmosphere for learning.  Personal growth, self-awareness, interpersonal skills and responsibility for behavior will continually be emphasized in every component of our program.Students’ academic needs are addressed through the Virtual Learning Academy and they complete all their courses online with the assistance of tutors in the classroom. Educational speakers and field trips are scheduled weekly to provide them real-life experiences and present them opportunities they would not typically be exposed to.  Additionally, students participate in counseling, physical education, and team building activities.  Students are encouraged to be involved in their home school activities such as athletics and clubs.

The Student Achievement Program is a quality program that offers students the opportunity to excel both academically and personally in preparation for future career endeavors. In 2007, the Student Achievement Program was presented the Award for Excellence for Outstanding Youth Program by the Mental Health and Recovery Board of Erie & Ottawa Counties.