Truancy Mediation

Truancy Mediation is an informal process that helps parents, caregivers, and schools find a fair and workable solution to children’s truancy problems. It is based on the belief that mediation can be an effective means of improving school attendance, reducing the dropout rate, and reducing juvenile delinquency.

Parents or caregivers and teachers meet privately with a mediator. The mediator, who is a neutral person who does not take sides, will set some basic rules and then make sure that everyone has an opportunity to speak. Parties will be asked to listen closely to what is being said. It is important that everyone understand the issues involved and each other’s points of view so that both the families and the schools can work together to resolve issues.

The mediator will identify and summarize the issues that are being addressed. Both sides will be allowed to conclude, and then each person will be asked to come up with possible solutions.

Both sides will share their ideas to create an agreement, then all involved must commit to being responsible for making the agreement work.

Truancy Mediation is not about winning or losing. Truancy Mediation is about giving parents or caregivers the opportunity to get more involved in their children’s education and to help them learn.

Mediation is confidential and is provided at no cost to the families or the schools.