Court Programs

Diversion – This program has been set up by the Court to allow first time non-violent offenders who are unruly or delinquent an opportunity to correct their mistakes without a juvenile record… [ more ]

Parent Education – Desceription… [ more ]

Probation – Probation is the conditional release of an adjudicated juvenile offender back into the community under specific orders. Probation Officers monitor compliance with court orders as well as assist the child and family in improving the child’s overall condition… [ more ]

Specialized Dockets – Be At School Everyday (BASE), Families and Court Together (FACT),  Helping Our Parents Excel (HOPE Court)… [ more ]

Student Achievement Program (SAP) – SAP is an educational alternative designed to meet the academic requirements of students who need or desire a learning environment different from the traditional classroom but with similar supports… [ more ]

Ticket To Success – Description… [ more ]

Truancy Mediation – Truancy Mediation is an informal process that helps parents, caregivers, and schools find a fair and workable solution to children’s truancy problems. It is based on the belief that mediation can be an effective means of improving school attendance, reducing the dropout rate, and reducing juvenile delinquency… [ more ]

Wraparound – Description… [ more ]