Ottawa County Probate and Juvenile Court Mission Statement

The mission of the Ottawa County Probate and Juvenile Court is to provide efficient, fair, and quality services to the people of Ottawa County. We are committed to protecting the rights and safety of our citizens, working cooperatively with all community resources, and improving the lives of children and families.

Please note:
Administrative Order number 2024-AO-0001, journalized March 29, 2024, has terminated the General Order of the Court set on March 18, 2020, regarding Coronavirus Procedures. Please refer to the Local Rules of the Court.

Items to Note

Probate Court & Genealogy have joined Juvenile Court on the 3rd floor, Room 305.  Thank you for your continued patience with the Court and its staff during this transition, we are making every effort to make this move as efficient and easy as possible for everyone.

        • Probate will continue to accept filings by email and fax at a cost of $2.00 per transmission plus $1.00 per page. Electronic filings must not exceed 15 pages.  Email filings shall be processed in the same manner as facsimile filings and will adhere to the same guidelines stated in Probate Local Rule 57.1 “Facsimile Filings”.
        • Probate Court General Email ocprobate@co.ottawa.oh.us
        • A certified copy of a death certificate is required when filing all estates, including a summary release.
        • A certified copy of the child(ren)’s birth certificate or verification of establishment of paternity must accompany filings.

Tri-County Guardianship Services Board

Ottawa County Probate Court is excited to join Hancock and Wood County Probate Courts in the creation of the Great Lakes Guardianship Services Board. Please click here for more information including meeting date(s).